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Learn how to take the turn at the bottom of a wave when you’re about to take off in this free video series. Expert: Pat Weber Contact: Bio: Pat Weber is the founder, owner,…
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  • jacky812 2 years ago

    he is great!

  • SeaofSamsara 2 years ago

    Nice longboard 360. Cheers

  • TheSurfreakDK 2 years ago

    well ya its way better if you do that …its funner but some times when the
    whole wave breaks allthoughether then you have to turn into the white

  • metalschooldrill 2 years ago

    I did not say that. I think someone hacked my namesite?

  • SSuperCuriouss 2 years ago

    @freelifenride16 sweet!! thanks. will do.

  • dontdareforget123 2 years ago

    @Donpockets510 me too :P

  • Katawompuss 2 years ago

    ha ha that guy is sick

  • Ricardo Rios 2 years ago

    thats bullshit

  • mikky559 2 years ago

    0:01 to skip adds

  • punchaloo 2 years ago

    @surfhawaii08 No, sir, let me tell you something. The only reason you are
    so freaked out about seven foot waves is that you can’t even surf your 3
    foot waves. You don’t even know me dude change your wannabe username man I
    know what a seven foot wave is I live in Puerto RIco

  • bryanbrodie94 2 years ago

    @iceman8995 yo dood, you got anypictures on swellinfo becuase i was
    checking out this surfer iceman hes dope, just wondering bro

  • sewasam 2 years ago

    nice helicopter

  • rysurfer73 2 years ago

    pop up quicker and get that back foot down!

  • Shadowdrak5 2 years ago

    I hate the fact i dont live near a beach :’(

  • jbfan4everable 2 years ago

    My cousin Jamie is an expert at surfing he was in competitions all around
    the world..he still surfs 4 fun but not in competitions he’s an expert you
    guys are not you would be so much better if u were

  • SSuperCuriouss 2 years ago

    i got a semi-long board. catching foamies is fine, but the nose dips during
    the wave rise before i get to stand up. what should i do? turn, stand up
    sooner, lean back to get the tip and whole board off the water? big curls
    are the worst. I don’t worry about getting dumped – chicks are worse :-p

  • DjFoofighter 2 years ago

    @CannedKoolaid or just have your foot placement slightly more to the back
    of the board

  • punchaloo 2 years ago

    I can catch waves just fine, just duk diving 7 foot waves I have problem
    with. it seems to take my board along with the break.

  • charitollanos 2 years ago

    that was pretty badasss

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  • Donpockets510 2 years ago

    i wish he was my teacher

  • Jack langdon 2 years ago

    Not even two foot MAYBE 1ft

  • Jason Crouse 2 years ago


  • Lee Chaffe 2 years ago

    i bet he was a pro when he was in his 20s

  • amanda morris 2 years ago

    that sucks