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Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪ Kelly Slater having fun on some practice waves before the 2012 Hurley Pro at Trestles in San Clemen…‬

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  • xperia182 3 years ago

    Its a good thing they put the song name otherwise people would be
    commenting darude sandstorm ;)

  • Scott Venning 3 years ago

    I wanna see a land angle, to give it some context

  • fnog9 3 years ago

    omg….. after watching this, I seriously can’t believe I have never
    surfed. This looks like the greatest thing ever. It looks SO different
    from the first person perspective. 

  • Andrea Corradi 3 years ago

    Super !!

  • Brayden hansen 3 years ago

    good but needs to be longer

  • Patryk Czajczyk 3 years ago

    to jeden z moich ulubionych sportów!!! :)

  • James Watters 3 years ago

    whats the song, i cant find it?

  • S Hiranuma 3 years ago
  • Mike Lucas Media 3 years ago

    what i would give for an uncrowded trestles

  • 3 years ago

    Quick clip filmed by Kelly Slater surfing in Trestles, California ahead of
    the #HurleyPro that starts on the 15th

    #kellyslater #surf 

  • Waves for Water 3 years ago

    Yo! Tweet this rad video of Kelly Slater tearin up Trestles before the 2012
    Hurley Pro and GoPro will donate $1 (every tweet) to Waves for Water

    USE #GoKelly

  • francisco mar 3 years ago

    where can i get it?

  • Dylan Ries 3 years ago

    build your own! use your imagination yoooo

  • EsbenT 3 years ago

    It’s just the “floaty” backdoor mount. I think some people cut away some of
    the foam to get enough to bite onto, but this obviously compromises the
    floating capabilities. No risk, no reward ;)

  • Danika Thompson 3 years ago

    It’s a raw drink. Blueprint juice

  • Fu Wax 3 years ago

    Kelly! How are you?

  • Reilly O'Neill 3 years ago

    its apparently in his mouth as silly as that sounds……. they cut like
    half of a floaty up then just stick it on the back and bite on it, then tie
    a lanyard to it just incase, because half a Floaty won’t keep your camera
    above water!

  • courtesycallband 3 years ago

    can we please get EDM out of surfing. we are not ravers

  • inalavalamp 3 years ago

    this is what it looks like to be king

  • robbie holbrook 3 years ago

    Check out my channel!

  • mux9000 3 years ago

    It’s called “Read the Description” By the Butthole Surfers

  • Jake Dunning 3 years ago

    San Diego baby!!!

  • keokiheller 3 years ago

    How the hell does he get Lowers empty like that???

  • Steve Robb 3 years ago

    that was fantastic, makes you feel like you’re on that wave. All the real
    feelings just overwhelm you and my heart rate climbed. Thanks for the ride
    Robert Kelly Slater. What a true champion.

  • surfsafari 3 years ago

    me too. get the same footage except for the surfing… haha