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Fred Rubble Surfboard Review Channel Islands Fred Rubble surfboard reviewed by Matt.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Torrey B 3 years ago

    Alright sick. How would a am1 center fin and WCT techflex sides work?

  • Bobby w 3 years ago

    im 5’7 and 125. i looking to custom order my freddy and set it up as a
    quad. im not sure if i should go 5’7 or 5’8 on the board, but i think im
    gonna go 18 3/8×2 1/8 on rail/thickness. does this sound right? the board
    will be used for waist to a foot or 2 overhead. I’m an solid intermediate
    rider. advice is much apprieciated

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    5’6 would not be too big, it would be ideal. Are you still growing? What
    type of board is your 5’6 epoxy?

  • zachariahm10 3 years ago

    @SurfStationReports i usually ride a fish tale, size is 5’8, not sure on
    the width, its pretty thick though. i usually ride it in smaller waves. im
    just looking for a faster board, and more capable for bigger waves. And the
    board above seemed pretty nice.

  • SurfSuperProd 3 years ago

    surf station i am 5’5 and im 100 lbs, i want one of these boards but im
    afraid the 5’6 will be to big for me what do u recommend?

  • Torrey B 3 years ago

    What futures fins would you recommend for this board? Quad and thruster?
    150 lbs thanks’

  • Emerica Martins 3 years ago

    Yes I think im still growing haha, and my 5’6 epoxy is a local shaper’s
    that he set up for me. It looks/rides like a Proton with a KS Semi-Pro nose
    and rocker. Maybe a little bit thicker than a Proton but not by too much.
    Thanks for the reply

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @KingofNewYork31 King, depending on your experience level probably 5’8 –
    5’10. What do you typically ride?

  • zachariahm10 3 years ago

    @SurfStationReports awesome thank you

  • zachariahm10 3 years ago

    @SurfStationReports i’ve been surfing for 2 years, the fish is fun, just
    looking for something different. i have a couple times on my buddies board

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @MrCROFTON7 hey, your supposed to ride them about 2 inches shorter then
    your standard shortboard. So i think either the 5’6 or 5’8 for you. Check
    our website and chat with us if you have any questions

  • easylivin92 3 years ago

    I just bought the robber and I live in Florida. It has been a great board
    so far and absolutely love riding it. It’s a 5 9

  • parkerjohnson22 3 years ago

    I’m 5’11 165lbs pretty muscular build. Intermediate level looking to
    progress. I surf southern california beach breaks in the 2ft to overhead
    range. What size do you recommend for the Fred Rubble and DFR?

  • Jacob Bailey 3 years ago

    hey im 7 ft 400 pounds my level of experience is expert what size do you

  • MrCROFTON7 3 years ago

    Surf station I am 5’7 130 and am looking at Fred rubble. What would you
    recommend. I ride east coast md fl de.

  • Chase Bomeisler 3 years ago

    Hey how are these boards need a new board has anyone tried any other ci
    models that they recommend

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    6’1 or 6’2 of either…depending on your experience level, or what you ride

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    A 5’4. If you are growing still I would get a 5’5 maybe.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @SurfSuperProd For your size, you should be riding the 5’6″. At 2 1/16″
    thick it isnt too thick to hinder your performance and will allow you to
    grow into it for a while. Please let me know if you are interested as we
    can ship one of these (5’8″ and under) for free if you live in the
    continental USA. They retail for $649.00. -MattO support@surf-station. com

  • Tim Kennedy 3 years ago

    I’m 5’11 185. I’d like to get a Rubble and a whip. What size do you

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    511 / 6’0

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    8’6. EPS.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    The WCT is a very popular thruster template as well as the AM1. If you
    wanted a 5 fin set, you might go with the Josh Mulcoy set.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @zachariahm10 For sure, it’s going to feel quite different from your fish.
    How long have you been surfing? Have you ridden many performance thrusters?

  • zachariahm10 3 years ago

    hey i am 5’7 about 155-160 pounds, these boards are looking pretty sweet.
    and i’m thinking about getting one. what do you recommend?