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Firewire Potato-Nator Surfboard Review -

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  • Aan de Plas 3 years ago

    you think I could ride it single fin?

  • Nash Johnson 3 years ago

    Right on

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    PotatoNator would be the better call, try out a 5’4 or maybe a 5’6 if you
    like some extra float

  • Chucky Young 3 years ago

    Hey thanks for the informative video. I’ve been torn between the baked
    potato and the potatonator. I originally was leaning towards the
    potatonator but still not sure. I surf in the east coast (Long Island and
    Rockaway NY area). I’m 5’5″ 150lbs. I’m hoping for a good solid all around
    board for knee to shoulder high waves. What are your thoughts on this?

  • sjbeale 3 years ago

    @bcsurfandsportvideos Hey! nice vid….I’m wondering whether i should go
    for a 5’8 or 5’6 – I’m 6’0, weigh 165lbs and have been surfing for 12
    years. I should also add that I surf in cold water so am wearing a lot of
    rubber most of the year and my home breaks are pretty mushy low-quality
    waves. Thanks!

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    5’6 or 5’8. For mush you may want to lean towards a larger size for more
    wave catching ability.

  • SBERTOL84 3 years ago

    Can i ride this at Teahupoo when it’s code red? I want learn to surf there

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    If you’re used to surfing on a shortboard I think you’ll be fine with a 5’2
    or a 5’4. The 5’4 will have some extra volume if you need a little extra
    paddling power, or have some really small surf.

  • Robert Truman 3 years ago

    hey im 6 foot and i want this board but idk wat size should get

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    Yessir. Got two in my quiver and I really like both. Gonna pull them out
    tomorrow for the Leslie swell on the east coast!

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    The Dominator has a decent volume to paddle well and accelerate fast in
    weaker surf. Plus a high rocker mixed in with a smaller tail gives you
    quicker turns and better pivots. The Spitfire is even more responsive with
    its step down rails. I’d highly recommend those as I personally ride a
    Dominator in South Florida and really like the mix of volume and
    performance. Check it!

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    Haha, yes. Make sure you wear your helmet and jetpack for emergency escapes

  • macchocolateatable 3 years ago


  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    K, but I’ll need some more info to really dial you in. How long have you
    been surfing? What board(s) are you riding now? Where and how often are you
    surfing? How much do you weigh? Let me know that info and we’ll narrow your
    selection down to a few sizes.

  • 110Dfresh 3 years ago

    Oh yea. Cape May, new jersey is suppose to be going off later in the week
    man. I got school so enjoy.

  • macchocolateatable 3 years ago

    I saw a four fin fire wire an it was about 4 feet and i want to buy it but
    i cant find it on the internet

  • crazyrevolution2 3 years ago

    Can i ride this board in double over head waves?

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    I think the 5’6 will be sufficient, especially with 12 years experience
    under your belt. If you are used to larger boards (other hybrids,
    longboards, etc) then the 5’8 wouldn’t be a bad call, but I think the 5’6
    should be plenty of board for ya.

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    Between the two I’d go with the Potato-Nator. In the 4-5 days you’ll like
    the slightly pulled in nose and entry rocker compared to the Sweet Potato.
    However, the Spitfire/Dominator may be a better call, especially if you’ve
    got 2-3 feet consistently. They have a relatively low rocker, but a bit
    more than the Potato-Nator, and they’ll also perform better (less volume to
    move around, smaller tails for pivot).

  • shdr28 3 years ago

    would the 5’4 potatonator be enough float for me, im 5’6″ 175lbs, i
    currrently ride a lost F1 stub, 6′ 18 5/6 2 1/4

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    If you wanna film some crazy wipeouts, then yes. I wouldn’t bring it out in
    those conditions however. Rocker is way too flat and the board is mad wide,
    which is gonna get pretty squirrely (unstable) at that size.

  • Torrey B 3 years ago

    is this a good beginner shortboarders board? im 135lbs, 5’11, 17 y/o. what
    size for me?

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    that’ll do well. It might be a litte on the floaty size, but that’s ok. The
    board is designed for smaller, not so powerful surf so a bit of extra foam
    will do nicely.

  • 110Dfresh 3 years ago

    Great video. I just wanted to know what would be a better board for a wave
    that on a regular basis is around 2-3 feet and with a storm the waves can
    et to 4-5. What would you recommend. The sweet potato or the potato nator?
    And I’m an intermediate surfer

  • BC Surf And Sport 3 years ago

    but that small performance board will sink in 1-2 ft waves. I’m not really
    sure what board you could take in 1 ft waves actually, besides a longboard.
    The Potatonator will do a little better in the small stuff, but might lack
    the turn you are looking for in a bit larger wave. Down here in FL we’ve
    got similar size waves, although not the quality of Trestles for sure. I
    alternate between 3 boards depending on size to really dial in my sessions,
    but end up using my Dominator mostly (continued)