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EZ beginner surf tiki spy lick lesson learn how to play electric guitar Click the link above to receive free exclusive videos, newsletters, jam tracks, and lots more free guitar an…

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  • ryanricks 3 years ago

    I love the surf/spy/rockabilly single note riffs, but he never says what
    scale we use to build them. How do we start? Major pentatonic with some
    chromatic notes thrown in, or…?

  • Michael Shipley 3 years ago

    OK, are you guys going to do a review of that CT and the Carvin amp??? Have
    you already?! PLEASE!!!

  • lookylooky2006 3 years ago

    What would be a good backing track for this I tried C and that was average
    any good ideas out there? tia

  • Barefeet200 3 years ago

    Another great lesson, not that hard to pull off. Thanks for doing it.

  • pdy666 3 years ago

    You always get good tones man. Keep it up!

  • 1996Prashant 3 years ago

    nice hair

  • MrWhitescarf 3 years ago

    brilliant haircut:) FAB lesson, keep it up

  • kdrake777 3 years ago

    Love that CT Carvin!

  • NerdyHobbyistGamer 3 years ago

    because of you, old grannies won’t have any hairspray for themselves :(

  • popami 3 years ago

    sound like a slayer riff in clean channel.

  • Stitch Face 3 years ago

    @rockbandnerd100 They be hatin on the hair. o.o

  • robfilmer 3 years ago

    great riff!

  • lzmiranda 3 years ago

    Holy shit. That guitar is heavenly.

  • Forced Name 3 years ago

    Hell yeah, Wayne Static haircut ftw. I just found this channel and I’ve
    been trying to teach myself how to play guitar. The videos that are put out
    through this channel are helping me out tremendously! I can’t thank y’all
    enough for the videos and actually taking the time to break it down bit by
    bit for me.

  • beckieieie 3 years ago

    i enjoyed his hair quite a bit

  • WheelieRider4Life 3 years ago

    i thought u where a woman from the video preview!!

  • ntrbluesx 3 years ago

    Love the lesson jason, always interesting, happy new year dude!

  • GuitarDNA 3 years ago

    is that your real hair?

  • ZipTumbleFast 3 years ago

    Very cool. Very B-52/Surf kinda sound.

  • Craig Fish 3 years ago

    Good lesson, thanks for posting it. Love the Carvin guitar and amp.

  • I r Flopseh 3 years ago

    How does ur hair defy gravity?

  • stowellka 3 years ago

    another great little riff to keep us beginners motivated, love it on
    another note i don’t spend a lot of time looking at useless comments on
    youtube,but whats with all the hating? nextlevel guitar gives these for
    free so if you don’t like it move on!(i’m a happy lifetime member
    too)anything to get people into playing music is awesome. i guess people
    love to talk shit just not to your face, talk about being a p@#$y thats the
    one thing about the net i’ll never get used to,!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • rodeostyle 3 years ago

    those riffs are buttah!

  • 96JUSTIN 3 years ago

    you need to bleach your side burns and beard too you would look waaaay

  • CityVilleCheatGuide 3 years ago

    Cool stuff!