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Visit for more kiteboarding! After an 8-year hiatus Red Bull King of the Air has returned with a new format, new location and the missi…

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  • WindsurfingTirol 3 years ago

    this sport doesn’t stoke me at all… why i did even watch this.

  • Adrian Caicedo 3 years ago

    what kite is best for a beginner

  • Barbara Milone 3 years ago
  • Adrian Caicedo 3 years ago

    like me. a beginner.

  • TavernSenses 3 years ago

    Is it really so hard to make all these weird body turns in the air,
    suspended from a kite? Might just as well be doing it suspended from a
    garage ceiling. No one would applaud you then, would they? And as to this
    “Big Air” thing, given enough wind that kite will even get a dementing
    baboon airborne.

  • da sweepa 3 years ago

    This is the gayest shit I have ever seen 

  • Tato Stropeni 3 years ago
  • Goku Sonn 3 years ago

    So I’ve been surfing, free kayaking, parachuting, and high diving. It looks
    like this is my next adventure!!

  • Magdolna Duska 3 years ago
  • 77Avadon77 3 years ago

    Red Bull: It’s caffeine and other crap in a can, and you can drink it!

  • Beware Beach 3 years ago

    Bijna 2014 maar toch nog even terugkijken op misschien wel de tofste
    kitesurf wedstrijd van het jaar “King of the Air”

    Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition – Red Bull King of the Air 2013

  • Andrieu Doyle 3 years ago

    I love what redbull does, but hate what it is

  • NELSON FILIPE LIMA 3 years ago
  • Kasper K 3 years ago


  • Kai pluseins 3 years ago
  • Vincent Keijzer 3 years ago

    song: secret suburbia-to the liar

  • Jon Pedlow 3 years ago

    Want a go of this :)
    Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition – Red Bull King of the Air 2013

  • Jordan Eady 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what song that is?

  • Schalk van Wyk 3 years ago

    People are insane!

  • Alexander Bergo 3 years ago
  • We can be 360 000 kitesurfers on this page 3 years ago

    Official video of #kingoftheair by #redbull. How high do YOU fly? Extreme
    Air Kiteboarding Competition – Red Bull King of the Air 2013

  • Sandrine Paquet 3 years ago


  • Nathan Wenman 3 years ago

    LOL!!!! ya what a goof!!!

  • Ferkite 3 years ago

    Poor ljflevy…

  • Paul Konrad 3 years ago

    how come ruben didnt make it to the finals? mabe Best isnt the best