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an examination of kelly slater’s backside broken down mechanically. for us goofy foots :D.
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  • 17sg71 3 years ago

    @boompuss thats kelly idiot, a 10 times champion can be goofy whenever he

  • Brandon Owens 3 years ago

    dude you have to make a frontside snap viedo i think it would help everyone

  • ograndebabacafdp 3 years ago

    Really nice video. It’s good for the people to see that is all about
    technique, that is no gift from god, just analisys and strategy thinking,
    thats the key to sucess. We can learn just watching this, we can apply what
    we see now, and maybe we can be as good as him. The problem is that we
    don’t live for surf like he does.

  • naniekso 3 years ago

    @WalangMagawaProd ya lol

  • Owen Rayfield 3 years ago

    how did you get him to surf goofy foot?

  • naniekso 3 years ago

    @nayhawk96 IM stil strugln with frontside snap lol

  • naniekso 3 years ago

    @MrOldenoughtoseeit haha it took alot of beer

  • João Zanon 3 years ago

    Actually he’s regular

  • zoebsurfing 3 years ago

    Best backside technique vid ever! Thx

  • Ian Ferreira 3 years ago

    now I know what a backside snap is – thanks – let me know if you do a
    frontside snap video

  • boompuss 3 years ago

    thats not kelly slater dumass

  • Chris Logemann 3 years ago

    thanks for helping us goofy footers!

  • EnchantedHerbGaming 3 years ago

    kelly is goofy?

  • WalangMagawaProd 3 years ago

    did you flip the video? cool! Really good tip though!

  • Cesar Menjivar 3 years ago

    Kelly slater is

  • remix012 3 years ago

    opening credits….THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!