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Destin Florida Inshore and Kayak Fishing - How & Where

Inshore Fishing in Destin Florida – In this video, I use Google Earth to share four spots that I like to fish when I’m in Destin, as well as what baits and lures I use. This is the first…

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  • Adventure Outdoors 2 years ago

    I grew up in Ft. Walton in the 60′s. I used to ride my bike from Ft. Walton
    to Destin and fish from the bridge. Destin was a very small fishing
    village. Beyond Destin there was nothing but beach, no buildings at all. My
    Dad took me fishing all the time in the Choctawhatchee Bay. I wish I still
    lived there.

  • Nicholas Highers 2 years ago

    vudu shrimp and mullet 3.5 works great with that clacker float and by them
    selves specks and reds

  • mobin naqawe 2 years ago

    great video, thanks for all the info man, appreciate it

  • GACowboy86 2 years ago

    split it up… its choctawhatchee (chock- taw-hatch-ee) bay…

  • flandsurfer99 2 years ago

    There is a sunken barge in the bay. I live in this area and I love it

  • Michael Davenport 2 years ago

    The bays grass flats on the south side are great for Reds. 

  • redsunn21 2 years ago

    Do u have any vids with you fishing in the gulf? can you please upload

  • Gregory Kelly 2 years ago

    I fish in Perdido bay in alabama, West of destin. We have an extremely
    similar area here. I catch a ton of spanish mackerel on so called “speck
    rigs” which are basically jig heads with duster tails strung together like
    a school of bait fish. I just troll those around the second sandbar and
    around the jetties. I actually have had to replace the leader that comes on
    the rig with wire leader because I have had so many spanish bite my hooks
    off. Also, when it comes to specks, I use Gulp! swimming mullet in
    chartreuse color on a jig head. That bait will catch anything and
    everything around here, but I mainly use them for specks and white trout.
    Specks like a more protected area, which is probably why you haven’t seen
    many. They love their grass beds and any sort of structure. Great Video! I
    hope this helps!

  • Hil Six 2 years ago

    Getting a new yak so I will be posting vids soon!

  • Chris Forester 2 years ago

    whats the name of the spoon looking lure that you bounce off the bottom for
    flounder? im heading to destin in a week and found your video very helpful!

  • Zack Schmidt 2 years ago

    Not sure if you’re going again but I have a small piece of information. I
    go to Destin once a year in June and I surf fish. One thing I have found is
    that the redfish off the beach in Destin love gold spoon lures. I prefer a
    one ounce but I’m sure any size will work. 

  • Jonathan Sanders 2 years ago

    Awesome video. I am interested in kayak fishing. I went deep sea fishing in
    Destin last weekend. Caught more trigger fish than anything, and of course
    they are out of season so I had to toss back. What type of kayak would you

  • Jim Cantu 2 years ago

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I moved to the area this February and am
    just getting started doing some fishing. Great tips on locations and baits!

  • Stan Banes 2 years ago

    Learned a lot watching this. Going to spend some time there this summer
    and trying to learn more before I go. Just for grins, try Joe’s Bayou, (go
    North on Beach from 98) to get a good place to launch and lots of good
    shallows to hunt for reds and trout.

  • MolarAttorney50 2 years ago

    don’t know much about Destin but Pensacola is a different story I go to the
    fort Pickens jetties same I catch lady fish all the time so I get a
    kingfish rig and hook the live but be sure to use medium at LEAST you will
    get shark, kings, big Spanish, and some times a snapper

  • normandmel 2 years ago

    I just watched your video. I live in Okaloosa County (Destin area) and fish
    here all the time. If you wanna catch some Speckled Trout, use a Mirror
    Lure (suspended or top water) white with a red head. Those work awesome in
    the flats, on the west jettie, and in the bay. Good luck! 

  • Chawc – Ta – Hatchee
    is the pronunciation. Great explanation and video though.

  • Robert Donovan 2 years ago

    I ment the mid bay bridge.

  • Fishaholicz 2 years ago

    I live in destin half of the time i offshore fish mostly like marlin
    yellowfin wahoo ect… But right off the jetties I have seen and caught an
    80 lb cobia 

  • Robert Donovan 2 years ago

    West size of the Destin bridge has a nice flat sand bed where red and trout
    gather misting early morning and sunset .

  • Toby's 2 years ago

    I use the Popping cork with shrimp, pinfish, or croakers down by Gulf
    Breeze/Navarre area just west of the 399 Bridge on the mainland side. I
    caught seatrout all day with my biggest being 27″. A lot of fun.

  • Landon Mullaney 2 years ago

    I go by the mid bay bridge just to catch reds and trout

  • Hill Smith 2 years ago

    Went 3 miles out, 20lb flora carbon line, leader:60lbs medium size circle
    hooks dead/alive cigar minnows 3 miles of the beach,
    catches:king,tuna,cobia,pompano,reds,jacks just 3miles off of the beach

  • Landon Mullaney 2 years ago

    The trout love live shrimp and small top water spooks

  • HydraYak Outdoors 2 years ago

    Thank you very much! I’ll give’em a try! Do you use a weight?