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Dajia hao! This is a lesson on Beach in Mandarin. :) Lesson Structure: Intro – Kenting Beach 0:01 – 1:08 Vocabulary I – ocean, beach, sand in Chinese: 1:10 Vocabulary II – Parasol, beach chair,…

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  • Alec D'Alelio 2 years ago


  • PeaceHK21 2 years ago

    Ni hen cool peggy!

  • Giselle Martin 2 years ago

    lol, do all Chinese wear diaper on beach?
    Great teaching though. I would love to learn one day

  • Hillel Rovner 2 years ago

    deck chair = “lie down” chair?

  • Greg Hung 2 years ago

    Had a chance to watch in detail. Glad I discovered your series. This is
    more interesting way of learning chinese rather than the text book and
    audio mp3 combo. Like your use of pinyin, characters, hand gestures, and
    audio making a rich medium for learning. look forward to watching the rest.

  • Stayin1up 2 years ago

    I wud luv to bang bang boom boom pop pop

  • Peggy Lee 2 years ago

    This is where I am spending my summer, Kenting Resort Taiwan! :)
    Chinese Lesson , Peggy Lee at Kenting Beach

  • Peggy Lee 2 years ago

    TAIWAN’s Kenting resort is where I will be spending my summer…;)

  • Gold The One 2 years ago

    well, i tried to go at the next video: “peggilicious at bikini pool party”
    but it is private… unfortunatly ;-)

  • coldwarsailor 2 years ago

    @PeggyTeachesChinese 你一个伟大的老师,你照亮我的生命!

  • Eesti Guy 2 years ago

    Sigh. Broke up with my girlfriend…I’m not sure if i have a reason to keep
    learning mandarin now…I was learning it so I could talk to her parents
    (they don’t speak English) and move to China with her….hmm…well, I put
    1 year in almost so…might as well! I’m glad your videos are helpful
    because it is going to be much harder without her here to practice with and
    correct my pronunciation and grammar!

  • tubby5000000 2 years ago

    I’m from Taiwan myself, and i go to Kenting EVERY summer and EVERY December
    break!!! It’s really really amazing there!! :) hope u had loads of fun!

  • PeggyTeachesChinese 2 years ago

    It’s cold during the winter time but it’s very popular in the summer! :)

  • PeggyTeachesChinese 2 years ago

    Xie4xie ni3! Bu2guo4 na4shi4 liang3nian2 qian2 de wo3. Ni3 jue2de2
    xian4zai4 de wo3 hai2 shi4 hen3 piao4liang4 ma?

  • MrDdeokbokki 2 years ago

    You are gorgeous, Peggy.

  • PeggyTeachesChinese 2 years ago


  • Sal RANDISI 2 years ago

    I enjoyed your lesson very much.. Keep up the good work and thank you…

  • FairwayJack 2 years ago

    wo zhi you yanjing wei le ni…mwahhhhh!

  • Zhang Zhen 2 years ago

    ni nao! You where too pretty for that swimsuit, it got frustrated and
    destroyed itself. ni shi hen pialiang.

  • Eesti Guy 2 years ago

    *though I think words alone are great, learning how to string them together
    and learning a lot of the most common conversational sentences is more
    useful – however….I guess we have to start like babies do – from the
    beginning, one word at a time :P

  • MarcellusTheGreen 2 years ago

    In my opinion, both …. but not necessarily in that order.

  • Pasti Daz 2 years ago


  • WoKaiWanXiao 2 years ago

    There was a mistake in beach volleyball. Chinese characters

  • jradetzky 2 years ago

    wow taiwanese girls are tanned and skinny just what the doctor ordered for
    me :)

  • sonicxisforever 2 years ago