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Chilli Rare Bird Surfboard Review no. 20 HD | Benny's Boardroom -

Full Review w/ Dims: Explosively fast & lively small to medium size wave all rounder, this is the Chilli Surfboards Rare Bird surfboard…

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  • dudamir 3 years ago

    Hi Benny, what fins do you suggest for quad and thruster setup? Do think a
    nubster fin would work well with this board?

    PS: Great work on all the videos, they help so much on choosing surfboards

  • Lee-Anne Walker 3 years ago

    Benny old boy i must say cheers a lot for your advice this here Rare Bird.
    I was almost going to get the Dropped Swallow but after talking to you i
    went fore the Bird and what a sweet decision that was, it goes like F#*k.
    G man

  • NUGrunSki21 3 years ago

    Hey Benny thanks for reviewing the RB I’m eyeing off a 5’8. just wondering
    what fin setups you’d recommend (quad/tri) & which FCS2 model would work
    best for the board’s design? 

  • Fabián Batalla 3 years ago

    Rare Bird, Hypto or Wierdo Ripper?

  • 3 years ago

    Happy Hump Day! New reviews coming your way every Wednesday.

    This special creature is the Rare Bird by Chilli Surfboards. Enjoy!


  • Ben Costantini 3 years ago

    Hey Ben

    I’m interested in both the rare bird and also the #4. What do you think is
    the pick??? I will be using it from small waist high beach breaks to heat
    height. I prefer to ride as a thruster. Both look awesome and would live
    some feedback on which you think is better.