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Fast and loose, this skatey little number by James Cheal of Chilli Surfboards rocks on those small to medium days. This is the Chilli Cherry Peppa Surfboard …
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  • 3 years ago

    Like a little skateboard, the Cherry Peppa is a skatey little small wave
    number that will rock your small wave session!



  • Xavier Molina 3 years ago

    Very nice outline! Looks like a fun board. Did that have a 5th fin option
    or was that a straight quad? 

  • Johnny Twothumb 3 years ago

    How do you afford all these boards?!?! Thanks for the reviews mate. 

  • christopher5sd 3 years ago

    This is officially my next board

  • Tom Brookes 3 years ago

    cherry peppa or rare bird?

  • Johnny Twothumb 3 years ago

    Can you review the lost v2 shortboard? Thanks!