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The New 2013 Flyer from Channel Islands Surfboards.

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  • Brandon Lanford 3 years ago

    Wish all reviews were this simple and to the point. Great job

  • Torrey B 3 years ago

    how does this compare to the Weirdo Ripper?

  • SurfboardShredShow 3 years ago

    You guys carry Proctor’s? Rad.

  • drummer6374 3 years ago

    why does the swallow tail flyer look wider than the other kind?

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    It is wider, they are two different variations on the board

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    Yes, we have done a few in the past. We will try to get some more done in
    the future!

  • DrTobiasFunke100 3 years ago

    i’m on the east coast as well and i’m thinking nf, weirdo, or neckbeard.
    Y’all prefer the nf?

  • marjdogg 3 years ago

    I love it when buddies clown each other.

  • mohla8sd 3 years ago

    Im thinking about purchasing one of these boards but I dont know much about
    how much one of these go for and what size i should get. Im 5’5” and range
    from 160 lbs to 170lbs Thank You

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    Not usually, sorry! I believe that one in the background was one we took on

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    The most obvious difference is the overall outline. The Weirdo is wider
    than a New Flyer of the same length so the NF looks like a more drawn out
    shape, while the Weirdo looks like a wide, skatey shape.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    Just depends on what you want out of the board, the Neckbeard is definitely
    a groveler though. Weirdo or NF for an all around, every day board.

  • drummer6374 3 years ago

    you guys need to do some longboard reviews being florida with small waves.
    through some good longboard crusers in could you do that?