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Click if you’re sick: Channel Islands New Flyer. The Channel Islands New Flyer has been revamped for 2013. The original Flyer surfboard…

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  • Chase Barney 3 years ago

    dude your show is awesome

  • Daniel Vinston 3 years ago

    support local shaper mines Action

  • Joey Avia 3 years ago

    Favourite surfboard manufacturer is RMS surfboards :) I work as his dust
    cleaner. He’s a great guy and a darn good shaper.

  • Eric B 3 years ago

    Love your show mate!

  • Ethan Conlin 3 years ago

    Roberts white diamond 2

  • Max Houtzager 3 years ago

    I’m 5’8 and a half at 155 lbs. Demo’d the 5’8 New Flyer for 3 days until it
    clicked as a thruster, then as a quad (at first as a quad was way too loose
    but second time around was sweet). Riding Ocean Beach during the
    thanksgiving swell at chest to a foot overhead. This board gets into
    anything and makes late drops way easier, you can really feel that flatter
    rocker through the rear/middle propelling you around, but the tail shape
    really does make the board super flickable. I had one drop several ppl
    couldn’t stop telling me how sick it was, with only one fin on the wave at
    first. It’s like a big skateboard! I ended up getting the 5’7 in plus
    dimensions so SUPPOSEDLY same volume (26.4L) as the 5’8 regular, but it
    definitely feels like less volume, which is what I wanted anyways, since
    the 5’8 felt like a little too skatey/floaty at times. I’d consider my new
    flyer a magic board for me. So stoked.

  • CJMunsell 3 years ago

    Getting this board in a couple days for my bday….. SO STOKED!!!!

  • Tyler Sled 3 years ago

    I have a Cole Firefly and it is SICK! If you could review that it would be
    thanks for your time shredshow! -Tyler Sled

  • omer shoval 3 years ago

    Please in the world of pleases do a review on a luke short desings chubby
    cheda ! 

  • Charlie Cox 3 years ago

    Hey bro try order a surfboard of Graeme Carse, Quarry Beach Surfboards,
    Dunedin, New Zealand 

  • Monj Jones 3 years ago

    can you do a review on the rusty dwart?

  • Ryan Jung 3 years ago

    Cordell Miller, newport beach, makes the best boards i have ridden

  • John Westley 3 years ago

    Chris have your ridden the Motorboat Too … wondering how the two compare.

  • Esteban Schreck 3 years ago

    Chris – I am sure this is not the first time…but how about reviewing the
    FCD Fark? 

  • Robbiesrk 3 years ago

    Do a shane stoneman board

  • InvertedSurf 3 years ago

    Can you please get me a nsp short board 6.4

  • marcus jonathon 3 years ago

    Have you heard of BRET boards?

  • Michael Fulton 3 years ago

    check out RAT surfboards from Encinitas California!

  • BV BVMusic 3 years ago

    any wetsuit reviews? ?? 

  • Jason Sturm 3 years ago

    Love the show I was wounding if you could do the channel islands MOTOR

  • António H 3 years ago

    hey Chris i wanted to buy a new surfboard online, do you know any websites
    that ship to europe?
    PS: which one is better the new flyer or the superbrand vapors?

  • Jordan Bartholomew 3 years ago

    Just got a New Flyer, took it out and it brought joy back to my surfing!
    Great board!

  • Ryan Mommaerts 3 years ago

    Great review of this board, Chris. I’m in Encinitas and this board is my
    daily driver for the variety of breaks around here. Also, love your other
    reviews as well- Keep up the great work!

  • Dillon Bradshaw 3 years ago

    i like boysen’s but they are not many here on the east coast so it would be
    great to see.

  • Filipe Lebre Mendes 3 years ago

    can you review of CI wizard sleeve surfboard by kelly slater?