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Channel Islands Fishcuit Surfboard Review If you would like to talk to someone about what surfboard is right for you, you can e-mail us at or…
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  • Chance Perry 3 years ago

    Im 6 ft 205 i dont have time for like anything less than six foot. I hate
    how they tell ubto go thebsmallest possible. I need a board thats easy to

  • Smoshisjizztastic 3 years ago

    Im 6’3 and 208 lbs could i work this board i live on the.east coast in
    cocoa beach fl hmu

  • Connor Miller 3 years ago

    Ok thanks a lot this really helped me… i got a 5’6 pod i love it

  • cknaauao 3 years ago

    any possibility in trading in a 5’8″ for something smaller? 5’4 or 5’6″?

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @jaytman3 Just depends on your experience level and what you want out of
    the board. You could ride a really small one that you might have to order
    custom (like 4’10ish) or if you could ride one between 5’0-5’2. Shoot us an
    email at support@surf-station. com and we can help you with any further

  • LBsimsbury 3 years ago

    is this a good board for a begginer-intermediate

  • over0work0under0laid 3 years ago

    what size should i get if i’m 5’7 and 136 pounds?

  • 2men1bucket 3 years ago

    @LBsimsbury yeah for everyone

  • Jon Wilson 3 years ago

    Thanks. I will just go with a regular . I’m 165 pounds in a late beginner

  • amerant1973 3 years ago

    @mclovin24242424 I’m 5’11 185-190 and my 5’6 floats me just fine, no
    exaggeration. works great for me in anything up to just under head high
    (and not too steep). and having a narrow stance its great because i hit the
    sweet spot right on pop up most of the time…hope this helps

  • Jack Pitts 3 years ago

    cant wait to get mine its coming in today

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    Probably something from 5’0 to 5’3. Since you are a beginner it is ok to go
    bigger. This is a really great board but if you are just starting out I
    would also recommend checking out the biscuit. I think it would be a little
    more user friendly in a variety of conditions.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    They never made a Tuflite version of the Fishcuit, only the Biscuit. You
    could get it made EPS or the new eco board construction though.

  • Jon Wilson 3 years ago

    If I got this in a 5’6″ and I’m 160 lbs, would I float or sink?

  • Nicole Y 3 years ago

    thanks for the helpful vid! im looking for a fun longboard replacement and
    this seems like the winner haha. And so the beach i go to is a longboard
    beach, yet will usally have some steep waves 5-7ft. Will the biscuit perfom
    well to the waves height/steepness? *surfing lvl 2 years thank you :)

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    A biscuit might be a good next step for you. It is generally meant for
    smaller surf though so if you are riding significantly steeper and bigger
    waves than you rode on your longboard you may want to get something more
    performance based.

  • lovelymartyr 3 years ago

    great review…pretty much all ya need to know.. I picked up a 5’6″ from
    surf station… I’m 6’1″ 190 . Changed out the fins to stretch fronts 375
    pivot rears .Much better imo. The fishcuit will get you in the water on the
    smallest of days . recently rode it in steep,clean 2′-3′ surf and it is
    FAaaaast ! Too much fun.

  • ItsPaintballTime 3 years ago

    a 5 2 fishcuit has 34 liters or volume so it floats me and im 140

  • Waffle101st 3 years ago

    wow, I really want a fishcuit

  • Jon Wilson 3 years ago

    what size for a 5’6″ 160 pound male?

  • Nicole Y 3 years ago

    ok :) THANK YOUUUUU <3

  • cknaauao 3 years ago

    5’5″ would be perfect

  • JahminLerum 3 years ago

    Thing looks like it would fly at Malibu Point on those soft waist high

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @over0work0under0laid It really depends on a number of factors in addition
    to your height and weight. Ballpark: you could ride anything from a
    5’0-5’5. If you want a more personalized fitting for a board, send us an
    e-mail and we can talk about your experience level and other boards.
    Thanks! support@surf-station. com

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago