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Congrats Ali! You are the winner for this video competition! Well done to all the other entries……especially carhartt95sbd, TOM SB I SKATEANIMATIONS,Dani …

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  • Ali Na 3 years ago

    1) Matthias Dandois
    Saw the “welcome to la Crémerie pro team” video. To me it looks like the
    bike is a part of his body
    2) Sam Pilgrim
    Well, subbed to his channel & does anyone know where I can get that old man
    mask (go watch his video)
    3) Nassim Guammas
    Who needs a helmet if you have hair like that?
    4) Laird Hamilton
    King of the waves. Fucking boss

    Hope it’s right :D and sorry for my English. I’m just a random German girl
    trying to win a GoPro

  • Titou Le Roux 3 years ago

    It’s too bad, i’m a teenager found of this channel and of course, xtreme
    sports but i can’t participate :(

  • Corey COD 3 years ago

    What if i tell you who are not? I’m not one of those riders. I’m quite

  • roi leo 3 years ago

    1:Matthias Dandois Master del Flat
    2:Sam Pilgrim rider hors norme en slopstyle, street, park ou dirt
    3:Nassim Guammaz is an amazing skater with a great style in his ride!
    4:Laird Hamilton excellent athlète et surfer des plus grosses vagues du


    1. Matthias Dandois ( The red vans was a good clue )
    2.Sam Pilgrim ( I’ve seen that video about 800 times so it took me less
    than a second )
    3.Nassim Guammaz ( hard to guess because he was hiding his afro under that
    hat, but that bigpin front board gave it away )
    4.Laird Hamilton ( Come on, who else are doing SUP on that kind of waves )
    Do you I get extra points for guessing all the names first ?
    C’mon give that GoPro please, I’ll be the happiest rider in the world !

  • MountainBike Xtreme 3 years ago

    The MTB rider is Sam Pilgrim….almost getting mown down by an outrigger
    canoe on the recent GoPro rider summit in Hawaii!

  • CallumDoherty72 3 years ago

    Thanks for this opportunity,
    Here’s my guesses
    Rider 1 : Matthias Dandois who likes his Nandos :)
    Rider 2 : Sam Pilgrim, He was in that movie right… Sam Pilgrim vs The
    world ?? “sarcasm”
    Rider 3 : Nassim Guammas . I always thought this guy was so kind for
    looking after that birds nest on his head :)
    RIder 4 : Laird Hamilton , still a Young dude in our eyes, Growing old is
    mandatory; growing up is optional.

  • DAZNTAW 3 years ago

    I think
    1st is Matthias Dandois
    2nd is Sam Pilgrim
    3rd is Nassim Guammaz
    4th is Laird Hamilton

  • carhartt95sbd 3 years ago

    1.- Matthias Dandois ( Matthias, a talented rider who does some flatland
    moves that don’t make any sense at all…)
    2.- Sam Pilgrim ( He was just enjoying the ride when suddenly he saw a wall
    “I’m bored lets do a backflip” WHO ELSE CAN DO THAT??)
    3.- Nassim Guamanz ( is he a human being? its unreal what he does on a
    skateboard… So much respect amazing skills!!)
    4.- Laird hamilton (With all due respect to Chuck Norris… Laird is the
    ultimate bad-ass.)

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    I suck doing poems
    but if you want to see Xtreme sports progress
    you should give me the camera
    and I will be able to show it to you!

    I don’t know what more to say I should be studying for my exams but
    seriously, for me this is more important. I don’t have enough words to
    explain to the world what I feel while I’m jumping with my bike… It would
    be better to put a GoPro on my helmet and show to the world what xtreme
    sports are about.

    (sorry if I made any mistake, I did my best writing in english) 

  • Jeremy Calliss 3 years ago

    1. Was mattias dandios i know his style anywhere

  • Shinxyyy 3 years ago

    1. Mattias dondios

    2 Sam pilgrim 

  • ar ka 3 years ago

    rider 3

  • Colin Cross 3 years ago

    Mtb… Sam pilgrim

  • XTreme Video 3 years ago

    Win a GoPro Hero3+Black Edition & XSories U-Shot Pro in this video
    competition! Just guess the riders in the comments!

  • carhartt95sbd 3 years ago

    I’ve spent too much time to find them… its difficult but i will keep
    searching for the go pro.

  • David Tedone 3 years ago


  • Teodor Teodorov 3 years ago

    rider 2-sam pilgrim

  • Gabriel Oliveira 3 years ago


  • crazy gamer 3 years ago

    2 sam pilgrim

  • Gijs Jacobs 3 years ago

    Hi there,
    this is what I think:)

    Rider 1 : Matthias Dandois
    Rider 2 : Sam Pilgrim

  • robbie tribe 3 years ago

    2) Sam Pilgrim

  • Dubstep123 3 years ago

    Rider 1

  • johs beks 3 years ago

    #4lard Hamilton 

  • Simon ThePlayer 3 years ago

    rider 2: sam pilgrim

  • НИКИТА ПЕЦА 3 years ago

    2 sam and 4