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Blackrock competition surf 13ft @pasir ris Singapore

Thanks for watching.

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  • jorjesg 2 years ago

    Bill, i’m considering getting the blackrock surf rod. When will u be
    heading out to do some surfcasting with it.? Mind if i go see u in action
    with it? Thanks

  • BJ Teng 2 years ago

    The problems is that they dont do international postage

  • BJ Teng 2 years ago

    I’m in Australia Bill
    Email ( )

  • irwan shah 2 years ago

    Nice!! Personally how do you rate this beauty?

  • BJ Teng 2 years ago

    Hi Bill im new, can you tell me where can I find a seatless rod?
    Or what the actual name of this seatless rod type?

  • Bill Bajaj 2 years ago