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Click for the FULL EVENT: The southern tip of Sydney Australia is home to one of the most treacherous waves on the planet: “O…
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  • Dutch Longboard Society 3 years ago

    Hey, we are a new longboard and penny board channel, Only if you like, do
    you want to give a feedback to our channel? We would like to see what we
    have to improve. Thanks a lot. Please notice this is no promotion.

  • Eli van Arya 3 years ago

    One more time? Oh, yes, many more times.
    The whole summer was amazing and the last days are still gorgeous this
    (2:53) Enjoy.

    Click for the FULL EVENT:
    The southern tip of Sydney Australia is home to one of the most treacherous
    waves on the planet: “Ours” at Cape Fear. This deadly slab breaks just
    inches above the rocky bottom and next to a jagged cliff, offering
    absolutely no room for mistake. For the past decade, surfers, bodyboarders,
    and bodysurfers alike have put their life on the line to test their wits at
    the death slab. Twelve of the world’s best surfers will be tasked with the
    ultimate challenge at Red Bull Cape Fear, a head-to-head surf show down at
    one of the deadliest waves on the planet. 

  • June Viarruel 3 years ago


    as a silver redbull junkie! This is some of the sickest wave
    jumping warrior moves Eva!!!!!! Legendary baby!!!! Wow sharing…. >=)))

  • Omer Gattmon 3 years ago

    I want to see the photo from Shane’s washback wipeout, where his board jump
    in the barrel, hope the guy got the shot/

  • Theo de Baecque 3 years ago

    Decent sized waves but i bet Mark Matthews wanted better and bigger waves
    :/ he might redo it SICK PICS BOYS

  • Jacob Hayden 3 years ago

    Killer waves nice shots makes me home sick and miss surfing badly but I
    dont live on the beach no more or anywhere close to 1 with nice breaks 

  • Flo Mo 3 years ago

    Le sifflement de la musique à 0:46 me fait penser à “petit poney” lol

  • Ben White 3 years ago

    Don’t ever drink red bull people must drink a lot of that shit I just don’t
    get how people drink that crap you may as well drink gasoline 

  • fishingsurfing 3 years ago

    There was WAY too much hype about this contest considering how the waves

  • Em Eff 3 years ago

    This could very well be the worst music ever put against a surfing clip.

  • Trevor Hanley 3 years ago

    this gay fuckin music has no place in surfing.

  • Johnny Twothumb 3 years ago

    I love the amount of hype on this. Hahaha A bit of a joke compared to what
    just happened in teahupoo

  • June Viarruel 3 years ago

    Had to share these sick wave legends

  • Bob Seiwell 3 years ago

    What is the name of the sng being played during this video?

  • Trevor Mitchell 3 years ago

    who da hell decided to ruin the vid with that music,
    good surfing though.

  • Danny Dingo 3 years ago

    Cool break, the wave gets allot of energy for it’s size and releases
    through it the break

  • Francisco Calatroni 3 years ago


  • sylgar45 3 years ago

    Way too much hype, did not live to the expectations… Too bad Mark didn’t
    wait today to call the event ON, 10ft+ swell…big mess out there right
    now, not a place to sit on your board “cause it’s fun” or take off switch
    cause you’re bored.

  • Brendan Roy 3 years ago

    Sorry, but the event was a failure. 

  • RAT BURL 3 years ago

    Dam! that place looks hectic!

  • acousticrocka aus 3 years ago

    top event cant wait to sneak in again 

  • Tom Waller 3 years ago

    so so sick

  • Politikalation 3 years ago

    Shame you didn’t let the locals spectate

  • Unable to connect to the Internet 3 years ago

    That last one was insane.

  • Pablo Carretero 3 years ago